There were almost 42 known assassination attempts on Adolf Hitler. Ultimately he died by shooting himself in the head by a pistol.


There were almost 42 known assassination attempts and more than 10 assassination plans on Adolf Hitler. Ultimately it was  himself  who was successful as he committed  suicide on April 30, 1945. He shot himself in the head with his own pistol.

Here is a collection of assassination attempts and assassination plans that were supposed to kill Hitler. After reading this you would certainly believe Hitler to be most luckiest person.

November 1921
Location: unknown
Shots get fired at Hitler after a speech.
Thübingen 1923
Location: unknown
Shots get fired at Hitler from a crowd.
Berlin 1932, January
Location: Hotel Kaiserhof
The food at the table of Hitler gets poisoned. Nobody gets arrested.
Train 1932, March 15
Location: between München and Weimar
Unknown men shoot at Hitlers train.
Poisoned Letter 1933, February 9
Location: unknown
Ludwich Assner, a German ex-communist and ex-Nazi from France, sends Hitler a poisoned letter.
A telegram of a teacher warns Hitler.
Bomb 1933, March 4
Location: Königsberg
Karl Lutter and some KPD party members want to blow up Hitler, but they were betrayed and arrested. At the end of 1933 they were released because of lack of evidence.
Tag von Potsdam 1933, March 21
Location: Potsdamer Garnisonskirche
A tunnel was discovered under the church where the ceremony of the day of Potsdam was going to be. The people that made the tunnel wanted to blow up Hitler and Hindenburg.
Berlin 1933
Location: Old Reichskanzlei
Beppo Römer, a communist and former leader of a Freikorps, came into the Reichskanzlei. When he got discovered they send him to Dachau concentration camp. In 1942 he was killed.
Obersalzberg 1933
Location: exact location unknown
A guy in a SA uniform with a loaded gun came into the Hitler residence (or near it)on the Obersalzberg. He got arrested.
Rosenheim 1933
Location: road between Rosenheim and Obersalzberg
After Hitler picks up friends from München in Rosenheim, unknown people shoot at the car of Hitler, somewhere on the road between Rosenheim and the Obersalzberg.
Bad Wiessee 1934
Location: Road München-Bad Wiessee, exact location unknown
After the arrest of Röhm a group of SA men were send back to München. They put up a roadblock with machine guns on both sides of the road. Hitler took another route back to München though.
Berlin 1934
Location: unknown
The group of a man called Helmuth Mylius was planning an attack on Hitler, but they were arrested.
Wien 1935
Location: unknown
Communists planned an attack on Hitler, Blomberg, Göring, Goebbels and Hess.
Group Markwitz 1935
Location: unknown
The group Markwitz wants to kill Hitler, but the Gestapo infiltrated the group. All the members of the group were killed.
Strassers Plan 1936
Location: Wien and Prag
Otto Strasser, a very right winged Nazi, wanted to have Hitler killed. He was the leader of a small group called the Schwarzen Front (Black Front).
Strassers Plan (2) 1936
Location: nazi headquarters Nürnberg
A Jewish student from Stuttgart was talked into killing Hitler. He was send to the headquarters in Nürnberg with a suitcase with a bomb in it. In December 1936 he was arrested and in the spring of the next year he was killed.
Josef Thomas 1937, November 26
Location: Reichskanzlei Berlin
A mentally ill man called Josef Thomas from Ebersfeld ran around in the Reichskanzlei. He got arrested. No one ever heard from him again.
Sportpalast 1937
Location: Sportpalast Berlin
An unknown person puts a bomb in the speakersplatform of the Sportpalast. It is said that the bomb didn’t go of because the guy who placed it got, in some way, stuck in the toilets.
Maurice Bavaud 1938
Location: exact location unknown
Maurice Bavaud was a student from Switzerland who wanted to kill Hitler. On the 21st of October he went to Berlin, but because Hitler was at the Obersalzberg.  Bavaud also went there. Hitler turned out to be in München. Bavaud started to make plans to kill Hitler during the putsch remembrance. The crowds unable him to shoot Hitler. After the last attempt to get near Hitler also fails, he went back to Switzerland. Because he didn’t have a ticket, he got arrested. When the Gestapo questioned him, they found a gun and maps.
On May 14, 1941 he was beheaded.
Oster group, 1938, September 28
Location: unknown
A group of conspirators around a guy called Oster planned a coup when the troups that had to enter Czechoslovakia were mobilized. When an international agreement was reached, the group seized to exist.
Warsaw 1939, October 5
Location: crossing Aleje Jerozolimskie - Nowy Swiat
The Polish army wanted to blow up Hitlers car, when it crossed the (now called) Square Charles de Gaulles. A human error prevented the bomb to explode.
General Kurt von Hammerstein-Equord 1939, September 10
Location: Siegfriedline
General Von Hammerstein-Equord wants to get Hitler to come to his region. He wants the Führer to have a tragic accident during that visit. Hitler doesn’t go.
Group Oster 1939, November 5
Location: unknown
Two men of the Oster group called Halder and Canaris can’t agree on who is going to kill Hitler, so they don’t.
Georg Elser attack 1939, November 8
Location: Bürgerbräukeller, München
After preparations of a year Elser placed a bomb inside a pillar in the Bürgerbräukeller. Hitler was gone before the bomb exploded. Elser was arrested on the border of Switzerland. Five days later he confessed he placed the bomb.
Group Oster 1939, November 11
Location: Reichskanzlei
A man called Erich Kordt is willing to give his life to blow up Hitler in his Reichskanzlei, but because of extra security after the Elser attack, Oster can’t get the material to blow him up with.
NKVD attack 1939
Location: Osteria Bavaria, München
English agents of the Russian NKVD investigated Hitlers habits in order to kill him. They plan to blow Hitler up in the restaurant Osteria Bavaria. When Germany reached an agreement with Russia the plans get cancelled.
Paris 1940, July 27
Location: Champs-Elysées
Fritz Dietloff Graf Schulenburg and Eugen Gerstenmaier want to kill Hitler while he drives by during the planned parade on the Champs-Elysées. The parade never takes place, because Hitler visits Paris a few days earlier.
Paris 1941, May 21
Location: unknown
Erwin von Witzleben tries to get Hitler to visit Paris, to kill him. Hitler never came.
Borisov 1941, August 4
Location: Heeresgruppe Mitte
Members of the German army, Tresckow and Schlabrendorff, wanted to kidnap Hitler to put him to trial and maybe to give him the death penalty. Hitler went from Borisow airfield to the Headquarters about 4 km. away from the airfield to meet Von Bock and Guderian. In the afternoon he went back to the airfield to fly back to the Wolfschanze. Nothing happened because of high security.
Orsja 1941, November 13 (not proven and unconfirmed attack)
Location: unknown
Stalin heard from the English that Hitlers train Europa came to Orsja on 13 November. The place where the train stood was bombed. But Hitler wasn’t there. He was at the Wolfschanze at that time. The story is never confirmed, not by the Russians and not by the Germans. There’s no prove of a bombing at all.
Moscow 1941
Location: unknown, not important
The NKVD made plans to kill Hitler in Moscow after the city fell in German hands. But it didn’t.
Poland 1942, June 8
Location: railway between Dirschau (Tczew) and Konitz (Chojnice)
There are stories about the Polish resistance derailing a train. They thought it was Hitlers train America, but it wasn’t. There’s not much sure about this story, though.
Soviet planes 1942
Location: unknown
Soviet planes shoot at Hitlers plane. Some bullets hit the plane.
Airfield Zaporozje February 1943
Location: east of the city
When Hitler met Manstein in Zaporozje, his pilot was waiting for him on the airfield. Russian tanks came very close to the airfield, but because they didn’t have enough fuel and because they thought there were a lot of heavily armed Germans in the area, they decided not to attack. This obviously doesn’t really count as an attack on Hitlers life.
Poltava 1943
Location: Headquarters Heeresgruppe B
Genral Hubert Lanz wanted to kidnap Hitler in Poltava, but Hitler flew to Zaporosje on February 15, 1943 to meet Fieldmarshall Von Manstein instead of going to Poltava.
Cointreau bomb March 1943
Location: Smolensk, Heeresgruppe Mitte
Tresckow asked a colonel Brandt to get 2 bottles of Cointreau on board of Hitlers plane. They actually were a bomb. The bomb didn’t go off. The package was switched again in Berlin.
Another Trescow attempt
Location: Zeughaus, Unter den Linden, Berlin
Hitler was at the Zeughaus in Berlin to watch Russian weapons. Trescow made a young officer named Gersdorff bring a bomb to the Zeughaus, with a time mechanism of 10 minutes. Hitler was at the Zeughaus only two minutes instead of the planned 20 minutes, so the attack failed.
Operation ‘München’, spring/summer 1943
Location: Führerhauptquartier Vinnitsa and it’s region
The Russian NKVD tried to find out what Hitlers habits were when he was in Vinnitsa, so they could take him out. But they started their observations too late: in the spring/summer of 1943. Hitler had been there for the last time in March 1943 and he only came back there for a short stay on August 27, 1943. After that the FHQ was destroyed.
Stauffenberg 1943
Location: unknown
Stauffenberg found a young officer willing to blow himself and Hitler up at a demonstration of winter uniforms for the army. The young Axel von Bussche didn’t succeed because the British had bombed the hall were the demonstration was planned.
Olga Tsjechova 1941-1943
Location: unknown
Wild plans to have Hitler killed by the actress Olga Tsjechova couldn’t be carried out because she didn’t have a lot of contact with Hitler between 1941 and 1943. Hitler spend a lot of time in the Wolfschanze. When the Russians started to win the war, the plans were cancelled.
Operation Foxley
Location: Obersalzberg
The English gathered a lot of information about Hitler on the Obersalzberg. They wanted to bring snipers to the hill who could kill Hitler. When in 1944 it became very clear that the Germans would loose the war, the plans were cancelled.
Egon Hanfstaengl, summer 1943
Location: Obersalzberg
Egon Hanfstaengl, the son of Putzi, presented plans to kill Hitler on the Obersalzberg. Roosevelt rejected the plan.
Location: Obersalzberg
A crazy plan of some American soldiers was to throw down a lot of pornographic material on Hitlers mountain to make the puritan Hitler go mad. The colonel the soldiers discussed the plan with, said that they were maniacs with an insane plan…
Stauffenberg 1944, February 11
Location: Berlin (?), demonstration of uniforms
Ewald Heinricht von Kleist is willing to blow up Hitler at another demonstration of uniforms, but Hitler doesn’t come.
Trescow plan 1944, March 11
Location: Obersalzberg
Fieldmarshall Busch went to a meeting on the Obersalzberg. A guy called Breitenbuch was with him. Breitenbuch had a loaded gun with him in the Berghof, but at the last moment they were told lower adjutants were not allowed inside the meeting room.
Operation Hellhound, June 1944
Location: Obersalzberg - Milan
The plans of the American airforce to bomb the Obersalzberg got stranded because of discussions with the British. Only airforce were made of the area. On November 4, 1944 they did bomb a hotel in Milan, of which was said that Hitler was there at the time. Hitler was at the Wolfschanze at the time.
Stauffenberg in Berchtesgaden 1944, July 6
Location: Berchtesgaden/Salzburg
Stauffenberg tried to talk a guy called Stieff into taking a briefcase with a bomb into a meeting in Schloß Klessheim in Salzburg. Stieff refused.
Stauffenberg in Berchtesgaden 1944, July 11
Location: Obersalzberg
Staauffenberg wanted to kill Hitler but Stieff advised him not to do it, because Himmler was not there. It was better to kill them both. A plane was waiting for Stauffenberg on Salzburg airport, in case the plan was carried out. It wasn’t.
Stauffenberg at the Wolfschanze 1944, July 15
Location: Wolfschanze, meeting with Keitel
Stauffenberg brought a bomb with him to a meeting with Keitel and Hitler. The bomb wasn’t activated. The reason for it is not clear. Maybe it was because three short meetings took place.
Stauffenberg at the Wolfschanze 1944, July 20
Location: Briefingroom
While preparing the bomb Stauffenberg forgot to put a detonator into the second pack of explosives in the briefcase he brought to the meeting with Hitler. Stauffenberg was long gone before the bomb went of. Hitler survived. The conspirators were killed in Berlin.
RAF bombing 1945, April 25
Location: Obersalzberg
In reaction to the American bombing of the Milan hotel the British bombed the Obersalzberg. Hitler was in Berlin at the time.
Speers ‘attack’, spring of 1945
Location: Führerbunker Berlin
Speer said he wanted to blow poisoned gas into Hitlers bunker, but the plan was never carried out




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